Amy Adams: profile of an actor

Amy Adams is an American actress whose outstanding and hardworking ability has made her successful over time in her career. Amy Adams had an intention to be a singer and a ballet dancer. She initially worked with a dance theater where she resigned and got employed to a movie theater where she worked and struggle until she became successful by winning gold in a movie titled ‘ENCHANTED’ which made her very popular. She has become very notorious by starring in various movies such as The West Wing’ and ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’. She has been hard working and it has paid off by her nomination for academy award four times in her career.

Amy Adams was born on August 20, 1974 to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Adam in Italy. Her father was employed by the US army and was on posting to Italy at the time of her birth. Her father and mother are native of America. Amy has 6(six) siblings and was the fourth child of her parents. Amy’s family returned to America when she was 8years old and settled in castle rock where she got admitted into Douglas county high school. Amy’s parent got divorced when she was 11 year old and she decided to move in with her mom after high school in Atlanta. Her interest in ballet died because there was no finance to further her dream, hence her employment to a musical theater. Amy Adams had to work as a store employee to take care of her expenses.

Amy Adams started her career by working for several dance theaters and when she moved to Minnesota, she got the biggest breakthrough of her career by giving Hollywood a trial. Amy Adams appeared for auditioning in 1999 for a film titled ‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ which she played the role so well and was employed. Amy Adams relocated to Los Angeles where she landed a movie role with fox TV series Manchester prep. In 2000, Amy Adams got the opportunity in featuring in various TV series which are popular and high rated such as ‘buffy the vampire’ and ‘the west wing’. She was given a very important role in the movie ‘Catch me if you can’ which starred her success point. In 2004 she was given a role in the movie ‘junebug’ where her role was played impressively making her bag several awards. After her impressive role in junebug, Amy Adams got several jobs in movies like (Standing still, wedding date (2005)) and enchanted during 2007 which was really successful commercially. In 2007, Amy Adams played a very pivotal role in the film ‘sunshine cleaning’.

Amy Adams most notorious work was her role played in ‘ENCHANTED’ which she was nominated for an academy award for the first time. Also Amy Adams bagged a Golden Globe Award for the best supporting actress in the movie ‘American Hustle’. Amy Adams has won another Golden Globe Award in the movie ‘Big Eyes’ as the best actress, Amy Adams has a daughter who was born in 2010 to the father Darren de Gallo who is also an actor.