Tom Cruise and his stunts for Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible Fallout has just hit the theaters and is going to be a great success.
It is not even one week since the premiere and the domestic income at the box office is raising sky high and audience and critique are unanimous: it’s a great movie.
Obviously Tom Cruise is back starring the leading role because, as a matter of fact, he is the Mission Impossible franchise, a franchise who’s growing by every installment and is getting better and better every time a new movie has been issued.

And, as you may or may not know, the Mission Impossible franchise is also well known for the amazing real effects and stunts work.

As a matter of fact Tom Cruise himself is performing most of his stunts on his own giving even more credibility to the visuals of the movies.

In this interview just released in Paris Tom Cruise talk about his stunts and how he can be so fit by 50.

Have fun!

Thor Ragnarok Trailer

After a quite long waiting the 3rd installment of the Thor saga has been released. Despite a fundamental role in the Avengers and general speaking in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe the stand alone Thor’s movies were probably the weaker of all.

It doesn’t seem to be likely with Thor Ragnarok which looks like to be the best one of the Thor trilogy with plenty of action, great special effects, a lot of irony and … the Hulk! Yes, it seems that the Hulk is one of the main characters of this movie.

The film has been released as we speak. Enjoy it!

Daniel Craig to reprise role as next James Bond

It was indeed in the air, many people said from sure sources that Daniel Craig would have been one more time the face of James Bond for the 25th movie of the franchise but he never personally confirmed. Something leaked few weeks ago that everything was already set and signed in a rendezvous of the whole crew in a mysterious Caribbean island, some other sources claimed there was a real quake in London since Craig himself said (quote) “I rather have my arm slashed than playing the role of 007 agent one more time”.
But this time the man himself confirmed he will be playing the role “just” one more time. It seems the entire Craig’s crew has been confirmed, from the stuntmen to the body-doubles, from the personal assistants to the make up artists.

What made change the mind of the actor and his crew? Someone said is because of the crazy check that the production is willing to give to Craig and crew, someone else says is only because once you are in the world of James Bond your are anyway typecast and you basically never get out.

Ivano Cheers, that we recently interviewed and he couldn’t say anything IN FRONT of the camera, said that the next Bond’s movie is the n.25: a number too important to turn down if they give you the right offer.

The numbers of the deal are still covered by a big professional secret, but it seems that we are talking way more than 100 millions GBP  and yet we haven’t a precise release date but it seems somewhere in 2019.

Sam Mendez won’t direct the next movie and the name of the new director is yet to be announced but it seems Christopher Nolan is more than interested in the project. We’ll soon report any development, stay tuned.

Interview with Mr. Johnny Blue Eyes Ivano Cheers

Watch the official Johnny Blue Eyes Teaser Trailer


ivano cheersIvano Cheers plays the character Johnny Blue Eyes in the coming up movie Sail Away Sweet Sister.
The actor’s career of Ivano started 20 years ago as a stage actor in Greece where he was playing the leading character in the musical Moulin Rouge.
His career evolved to the point to turn him in a very active stunt-man and stunt-double to return to play for the silver screen for the movie Sail Away Sweet Sister.
Ivano Cheers lives actually in the Caribbean island of Curaçao, place where (quote) “he feels connected and in love with”.
Ivano Cheers has got Italian origins, he’s (quote) “a stubborn single” and he’s in love with his dog Pam, a Labrador retriever.
He’s favorite quote is “You Want: You Can”, quote that he actually had tattooed on his waste-line.
Despite playing Johnny Blue Eyes Ivano Cheers has got gemstone green eyes and in the original script the character was called “Johnny Green Eyes” instead.
He defines himself as a “reckless stuntman and a qualified fitness junkie”… giving of taking it this is what Ivano Cheers is about!

Ivano Cheers official Instagram

Ivano Cheers official Facebook

Daniel Craig: profile of an actor

Daniel Craig was born on the 2nd of March 1969 to the family of carol and Tim Craig in Chester, Cheshire, England. Daniel Craig grew up close to Liverpool and was always with his mom and siblings to the theater. Daniel Craig was attracted to acting because he was impressed by his mother’s friends that were actors. Daniel Craig parents got separated when he was at a very tender age, and had to quit Hilbre high school and relocated to Liverpool when he was 16 and joined the national youth theater and studied in the Guildhall school of music and drama. He improved on his acting skill under the guidance of Colin McCormack and earned a role in the movie “The power of one” in 1992 after graduation.

He was also involved in the stage production of “No remission” at Hammersmith’s Lyric theater. He began to hit stardom when he played a cast role in the movie titled “Our Friends in the North” in 1996. This movie was a success and this increased Daniel Craig’s popularity to the public.

Daniel Craig starred in various genres of movies like “Obsession” in 1997, “Elizabeth” and “Love is the devil” in 1998. He also went ahead to feature in “World war 1 drama” in 1999.
The movie “Elizabeth” made Daniel Craig gain numerous honors at prestigious events most especially been nominated for seven Oscars in 1999. This movie gave him the opportunity of exploring the wider field of acting the holly wood and gained a supporting role of the movie “Tomb Raider” in 2001 alongside popular actress Angelina Jolie.

Daniel Craig encountered his breakthrough when he featured in the movie “Road to perdition” in 2002. With his brilliant acting role he gave passion to the movie and made this movie achieve success. This great achievement propelled him to success and received many more favorable film offers that made him prosperous. Daniel Craig was not tempted by this enticement but remained true to his integrity and dedication to acting and was involved in more challenging and less profitable movies such as “The mother” in 2003, “Sylvia” in 2003 and “Enduring Love” in 2004.

Daniel Craig once again displayed his excellent acting role when he featured in movies such as “Layer Cake” in 2004 and “The Jacket” in 2005. He gave a wonderful performance when he played the role of Perry Smith in the movie “Infamous” in 2006.

Daniel Craig was then appointed to play the 007 in October 14th 2005 in the movie titled “Casino Royale” in 2006 and he gained much applaud from the public and lots of the Bond fans for his stunning display. He was nominated for the BAFTA award for the Best actor in 2007. Daniel Craig then gained numerous offers for high profile movies such as “The invasion” in 2007 and “Defiance” in 2008.
Daniel was once married to Fiona Loudon a British actress who gave him a daughter in 1992 named Ella. Daniel Craig in December 2010 began dating Rachel Weisz an actress and they both got married in New York in June 2011.

Ryan Reynolds: profile of an actor

Ryan Reynolds was born on October 23rd 1976 to a wholesaler food seller and a retail store mother in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He was the youngest of four children and has got the flair of acting from an early age looking from his enthusiasm to join a drama class in school. At the age of 13, Ryan Reynolds has developed his acting career and headed to Florida to join a regular cast of nickelodeon’s TV series ‘Hillside’ which was aired in 1990.

Ryan Reynolds attended Kwantle College and decided to pursue his career full time. He starred in the Canadian version of “The Odyssey” from 1992-1994 and “ordinary magic in year 1993”. Ryan Reynolds then moved to Los Angeles before he turned 20 to pursue his career and head for stardom by penetrating Hollywood. In Los Angeles, he got minor roles to act in some screen production such as “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” and “In cold Blood”.
Ryan Reynolds started achieving success when he played a role in the movie “Two Guys, a Girl and a pizza place” he was portrayed in the movie has an aimless student who worked for Boston’s Beacon St. pizza. The role played in this comedy series made Ryan Reynolds popular to the public. He was then involved in series of big movies such as “Coming Soon” in 1999, “We All Fall Down” in (2000), and “Finder’s Fee” in year 2001. His great performance in the movie “Buying the Cow” in 2002 made him popular and gave him a role in a movie “Van Wilder”. The movie “Van Wilder” was a success and it boosted Ryan’s career and made him to be included in the list of young rising actor in 2002.

Ryan Reynolds made a turn from comedy movie to Action movies when he starred in the movie “Blade Trinity” in 2004 and also got the lead role in the movie “The Amityville Horror”. The movie “Amityville” hits a huge success and increased Ryan’s popularity and also earned him several offers of film projects.
Ryan got a role in comedy movies like “waiting” and “just friends” in 2005. In 2007, Ryan Reynolds also featured in the movie “Smoking Aces” and also starred in the movies “Definitely, Maybe” and “Adventure land” in 2008. He also played a very dramatic role in the movie “Fireflies in the Garden”.

Ryan Reynolds had once dated “Rachael Leigh cook” an actress in 2001 and broke up with her. In 2002 the couples met again during a birthday party and started dating again. Few months later, the couples announced their engagement on June 3rd 2004. The engagement was called off mutually in February 2007. Following the break-up in February, Ryan Reynolds hooked up with Jessica Biel, relationship which didn’t last a lot.

Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci Spectre Interview

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Spectre trailer and interview of Léa Seydoux and Monica Bellucci, the two bond girls of the movie.

Léa Seydoux is a French Actress born the born 1st of July 1985

Monica Bellucci is an Italian Actress and former fashion model born the born 30th of September 1964

Spectre is the 24th installment of the James Bond franchise