Jack Gyllenhaal: profile of an actor

Jack Gyllenhaal was born on December 19th to an America family. He was born to Stephen Gyllenhaal and Naomi Foner who at the time of his birth were film director and screen writer respectively. Because his parents where file directors and writer, Jack was always close to the film industry. Jack worked summer jobs and also volunteered at a homeless center because his parents wanted to make his upbringing normal.

At a young age, jack was featuring in certain movies produced by his father and was also giving an opportunity of auditioning for movie roles. In 1998, Jack Gyllenhaal graduated from Harvard-Westlake school in Los Angeles. He also went to Columbia University and studied eastern religions and philosophy, but he didn’t graduate because he needed more attention to his acting career. Jack Gyllenhaal is popular for his unconventional roles that make him unique when acting. Jack has always had a natural passion for acting because of his early exposure to acting. Jack is hard working and has a professional ethical drive because of his upbringing by his parents. Jack has a huge fan base of Gays and bisexual because he portrayed as a character in a role of a movie.

Jack Gyllenhaal got his first leading role in 1999 in a movie titled ‘October Sky’ where he played the role of a coal miners son who became a NASA engineer through series of hard work. The movie record a lot of sales and Jack Gyllenhaal was hailed for his outstanding performance and hard work. In 2001, jack featured in the movie ‘Donnie Darko’ in which he played the role of a troubled teenager who escaped death. Jack Gyllenhaal played the role of Sam hall in the movie ‘The day after tomorrow’ which portrayed the catastrophic effects of global warming. In 2005 jack Gyllenhaal was nominated for an academy award for the best supporting actor for the role played as jack twist in the movie ‘Broekback Mountain’. Other movies in which he appeared again in 2005 includes ‘Jar head’ where he played the role of Andrew with Chris cooper and Jamie Foxx co-actors. He also starred in the drama ‘proof’. In 2007, 2009, and 2010 jack Gyllenhaal featured in movies such as ‘Zodiac’, ‘Brothers’, ‘The odyssey’, ‘Love and other drugs respectively.

Jack Gyllenhaal is very popular for the role played in ‘Brokeback Mountain’ where he was portrayed as a man who has intense, romantic and sexual relationship with a man. Jack Gyllenhaal won the National Board of Review Award for the Best Supporting actor in ‘Brokeback Mountain in 2005. He also bagged the BAFTA award for Best Supporting Actor in 2006. Jack Gyllenhaal even after his popularity and fame is still very close to his parents and sister. Jack Gyllenhaal helps cancer research programs to raise funds through a television fundraiser tagged ‘Stand Up To Cancer’.