Interview with Mr. Johnny Blue Eyes Ivano Cheers

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ivano cheersIvano Cheers plays the character Johnny Blue Eyes in the coming up movie Sail Away Sweet Sister.
The actor’s career of Ivano started 20 years ago as a stage actor in Greece where he was playing the leading character in the musical Moulin Rouge.
His career evolved to the point to turn him in a very active stunt-man and stunt-double to return to play for the silver screen for the movie Sail Away Sweet Sister.
Ivano Cheers lives actually in the Caribbean island of Curaçao, place where (quote) “he feels connected and in love with”.
Ivano Cheers has got Italian origins, he’s (quote) “a stubborn single” and he’s in love with his dog Pam, a Labrador retriever.
He’s favorite quote is “You Want: You Can”, quote that he actually had tattooed on his waste-line.
Despite playing Johnny Blue Eyes Ivano Cheers has got gemstone green eyes and in the original script the character was called “Johnny Green Eyes” instead.
He defines himself as a “reckless stuntman and a qualified fitness junkie”… giving of taking it this is what Ivano Cheers is about!

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