Tom Cruise and his stunts for Mission Impossible: Fallout

Mission Impossible Fallout has just hit the theaters and is going to be a great success.
It is not even one week since the premiere and the domestic income at the box office is raising sky high and audience and critique are unanimous: it’s a great movie.
Obviously Tom Cruise is back starring the leading role because, as a matter of fact, he is the Mission Impossible franchise, a franchise who’s growing by every installment and is getting better and better every time a new movie has been issued.

And, as you may or may not know, the Mission Impossible franchise is also well known for the amazing real effects and stunts work.

As a matter of fact Tom Cruise himself is performing most of his stunts on his own giving even more credibility to the visuals of the movies.

In this interview just released in Paris Tom Cruise talk about his stunts and how he can be so fit by 50.

Have fun!